Electronic ballast

• 2x28w electronic ballast T5 for compact fluorescent
• Lamp36/40W

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Product Description

  1. Active harmonic wave filter enables constant power output across a wide input range
  2. Reduced power losses,decrease self-heating of the ballest
  3. Flicker-free ignition
  4. No stroboscopic effects and flicker –free during operation
  5. No irritating noise
  6. Different connection possibilities for various lamps
  7. End-of-life Protection
  8. Automatic shutdown in case of lamp failure
  9. Active Power Factor Correction
  10. Radio Disturbances shall comply with EN55015
  11. Harmonic Current Emissions shall comply with EN61000-3-2
  12. EMC Immunity shall comply with EN61547
  13. Performance shall comply with EN 60929 and EN60925
  14. Safety shall comply with EN 61347
Electronic ballast


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