From idea to practice (1996-2002)

Solartech Plc. is a renewable energy enterprise. Its activities include manufacturing/assembly, trading and facilitating services in renewable energy. The company was established in 2002 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In year 1996 the idea of working in energy sector especially, with regard to renewable energy took a leap from idea to project proposal. A comprehensive study to start a solar energy project to help for long-time unemployed Africans living in Stockholm City, Sweden was proposed. The core idea was to support unemployed Africans to be self-employed. The project was designed to give a two-year course on the use of solar energy combined with complimentary training on business theory, book keeping, licensing, marketing and IT. The project proposal was approved by the Swedish Labour Authority and got financing from the European Union (EU). After a year and half, a follow up project for the same group to travel to their home lands for six months (with paid salary and allowance) was developed. The additional project proposal was accepted and thereby secured an additional budget for an extra six months. The main idea of proposing an extra budget was to enable the project participants to organize market assessments, meet local authorities and get first hand information as to how to start their own business in their countries of origin.

The name of the project was Solartech and had thirty-two participants from twelve different African countries (men and women). The project was nominated as one of applicable EU projects both in Sweden and in Europe (presented in one of EU´s seminars in year 2000, at Birmingham, UK).
Based on the experiences gained from this project and the need for alternative energy in Africa a decision was made to start up a business in solar energy. Eventually in year 2002 a renewable energy enterprise was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by the name of Solartech: Renewable Energy Enterprise Plc.


Our mission

is to provide sustainable, reliable and cost-effective alternative energy products and services. Our products and services meet basic needs, are affordable and thereby make everyday life easier. The company’s aim is to provide renewable energy products and services that bring about sustainable socio-economic development and in so doing bring about better quality of life for Africans.

Our business values

lies at present, our planet’s physical environment changes negatively, natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate, and poor people in Africa are more and more deprived of basic needs to sustain life. Based on these and many other negative environmental effects, investing on renewable energy products and services become meaningful. And thus, our ambition is to be a part of this mission and try to make a difference.